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Used Classic: O1, Ivory Paper Micarta, Sheath & Firesteel

Used Classic: O1, Ivory Paper Micarta, Sheath & Firesteel

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Here's the Classic I've owned for some years now.  It is the one I used for the Classic knife video (attached below).

Naturally I gave it a spa treatment and it's looking almost new, but it's still discounted.  The firesteel is lightly scraped, but nothing worth caring about.  The sheath is the old style, more similar to the Woodlore sheath.  Unlike the sheath in the video, this one has no firesteel loop, because I rarely use them on my personal knives (I usually wear the firesteel around my neck).  Truth is, the handle has always been a tad thick for me; I've got shorter fingers, so a 3/5 handle is ideal.  This is more like a 5/5 handle thickness.  Other than that, I love it, and it has served me well.


The Classic is based off of the Woodlore style of bushcraft knife. This is a revolutionary and time tested design for a general-use bushcraft knife, hence its name. The blade's near spear-point shape allows for very intricate woodworking, while still being tough enough for hard tasks such as batonning. The handle has a very ergonomic coke-bottle contour, allowing for comfort during long carving sessions.


Model: Classic
Cutting Edge Length: 4 inches
Overall Length: 9 inches
Steel Type: O1 tool steel
Steel Thickness: 9/64 (3.5mm)
Edge Grind: scandi
Handle Material: ivory paper micarta
Handle Liners: cinnamon red
Hardware: brass loveless bolts & tubing
Handle Thickness: 5/5

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