Contact Us

Most inquiries can be answered with the below FAQ.  To contact Cody directly, please send an email to the following address:

For status on the existing order list
Please visit this page (link here), where I've been trying to keep the status updated.  In short, the last custom order we have is looking to be shipped and fulfilled by the end of spring (Jun 20th).  No estimations are in stone, but this is our goal.

Existing order that I'd like to Modify, Cancel, Return, Change Address, Etc.
Please contact me directly at and I will make the adjustments for you. It helps if you title the subject line according to your goal (e.g. Subject: "ORDER CHANGE").

I'd like to send in a knife for warranty work or a spa treatment
The normal touch-up (or spa treatment) includes a resharpening and polishing of the edge, polishing of the handle and the spine of the knife, and a light clean-up of the flats (though I do not remove patinas fully).  Warranty work is more specific. We currently roughly a 2 week lead time for warranty work and spa treatments, depending on the problem. Please fill out this form (link), or hand-write your name, contact info, and a description of the knife.  Ship to the below address:
  Adventure Sworn
  PO Box 448
  Stillwater, NY 12170
  United States

I'm interested in placing a custom order (or Purchasing a Buy-Now knife)
We closed the order books for custom knives some months ago, and do not suspect we'll reopen them in the near future.  Currently the only way to purchase a new Adventure Sworn knife is through the Available Knives section of our store.