Contact Us

Live Chat.  Currently, the fastest way to get a hold of me (Cody) is through Live Chat on our website.  It allows for very quick back and forth, without the risks which come with emails, such as messages getting buried by spam or being filtered out. The best time to use live chat is any day of the week between 10 AM and Midnight EST USA.  Live chat icon on our site if found on the bottom right and looks like this:


Cell Phone.  Alternatively, another fast way to connect is through my cell. I prefer text over calls as it helps keep a log of our conversation.  If you prefer a call, text me first and I'll give you a call back.  Feel free to add me to your contacts and reach out whenever:


Email.  To email Cody, please send an email to the following address:


To send in a knife for warranty work or a spa treatment, please fill out this form (link), or if you don't have a printer, hand-write a letter with your name, contact info, and a description of the knife.

Note: Do not ship to the old [PO Box 448, Stillwater NY 12170] address.  We have recently moved and have set up a new PO box.

For any spa treatments or returns, please ship to our new address:

Adventure Sworn
PO Box 216
Edwards, NY 13635
United States