Contact Us

To email Cody directly, please send an email to the following address:

As with many small custom knife shops, there is a very high amount of demand compared to small output.  This also applies to messages.  I (Cody) am making the knives and am the only one replying to emails, which sometimes exceeds 20-30 per day.  So, it may take some time before a reply is sent.

A somewhat quicker way to get a hold of me is via texting my cell phone.  I have notoriously poor reception in my area (and my metal building shop), so texts are preferred to calls.  Don't mind this odd way writing out my cell number, it's to help reduce spammers.  Area code is (518), cell number 545 then 0894.  Again, texts are preferred.

I'd like to send in a knife for warranty work or a spa treatment
Please fill out this form (link), or hand-write your name, contact info, and a description of the knife.  Ship to the below address:

  Adventure Sworn
  PO Box 448
  Stillwater, NY 12170
  United States