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Most inquiries can be answered with the below FAQ.  To contact Cody directly, please send an email to the following address:

I recently switched to the above gmail account from our previous account,  If you have not received a reply from that email address, please send a new message to:

Reply Time: I normally prefer to have a relatively fast reply time, but at the moment we are "playing catch-up" on some custom orders, which means we're spending quite a bit more time in the shop than in the office.  Please allow 2 to 4 days for a reply on average, but do not be surprised if it takes 7 days or longer.  I am sorry for the wait, but once we're more caught up then replies will be quicker.

- - - - EMAIL FAQ - - - - 

What is the status of my order?
We are running multiple weeks behind schedule; original estimated shipping ETA is adjusted accordingly. I apologize for this delay, and we are very grateful for how patient everyone has been. Rest assured, we are working very hard to be caught up on all custom orders as fast as possible. The below estimations are rough, as it is difficult to predict how smooth things will go. But estimations as of 9/3/2019:
- Custom Explorers: 0-2 weeks
- S-Custom Classics: 0-1 weeks 
- S-Custom Tradesmen: 2-3 weeks
- Custom Huntsmen: 2-6 weeks
- S-Custom Guides: 3-9 weeks
- Custom Scouts: 4-10 weeks

Newer Orders
- 3V Classics: 12-18 weeks +/-

Existing order that I'd like to Modify, Cancel, Return, Change Address, Etc.
Please contact me directly at and I will make the adjustments for you. It helps if you title the subject line according to your goal (e.g. Subject: "ORDER CHANGE").

I'd like to send in a knife for warranty work or a spa treatment
We are only taking on Adventure Sworn knives for touch-ups. We will fix virtually any problem or blemish. We currently have less than a 2 week lead time for warranty work and spa treatments, depending on the problem. Please ship to the below address:
  Adventure Sworn
  PO Box 448
  Stillwater, NY 12170
  United States

I'm interested in placing a custom order (or Purchasing a Buy-Now knife)
We are not taking any more custom orders at this time, perhaps at least until after we have fulfilled the last of our existing custom orders (and we may not take them even then, if only in very small quantities).

Currently the only way to purchase a new Adventure Sworn knife is through the Available Knives section of our store. Our inventory is quite limited as we are focusing on fulfilling back orders; the closer we are to being caught up on the order books, the more knives will be available.

I have questions on knife options
Many questions can be answered on this knife info page:

If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact me at: