Warranty & Touch-Ups

Heirloom Warranty.  Adventure Sworn made products have a warranty which stays true no matter how many times it is handed down or traded.  So long as our company is functional and able to cover such a warranty, our products will be covered.

Current products covered under the heirloom warranty:

  • E-Series (or Custom Grade) knives
  • R-Series (or Field Grade) knives
  • Leather products.  *Our leather products' warranty covers the build construction and materials, not natural wear and tear and/or accidentally stabbing through a sheath.

Our bucksaws come with a 5 year warranty.

We do require the customer to pay our shipping costs back to them for touch-ups; the customer will be billed the shipping costs before the product has been shipped back.  It's usually around $10-15 for the USA, and $30 for international.

"Spa Treatment" Touch-Up.
Our knives can be sent in for a touch up. This covers repairs and/or aesthetic improvements (sharpening, buffing the handle, getting out a chip in the handle or blade, etc.). We do require the customer to pay shipping costs back to them; the customer will be billed the shipping costs when the product has been shipped back.

Product Return Policy.  The limit for a full refund on a product return (for a refund or exchange) is 60 days; this includes returns over mistakes made on our end and/or customer dissatisfaction.  If a product is returned from a mistake made on our end then we will refund the return shipping costs (not exceeding $20 USD; if return shipping costs more than $20 USD then the customer must pay the remainder).  It may be worth noting that we have only had two knives returned since we began in 2009, about nine-thousand knives later.

To send any Adventure Sworn knives in for warranty, "spa treatment", touch ups, or return, please CLICK HERE to print our form. You can also hand write your return info, description of your knife, and what you'd like done on a sheet of paper and include that in the box.