About Us

Located in upstate New York, Adventure Sworn is a bushcraft gear company which was born from a passion for exploring the outdoors.

In 2009, when Cody was 20 years old, he had already been training for years to become a wilderness survivalist.  It was soon evident that he needed a good quality bushcraft knife.  Using the tools in his father's basement woodshop, he crafted the first prototypes.  He and his father built a small heat-treating oven, and Cody learned how to use the equipment to get the desired quality his knives have become known for.  Even before finishing his first knife, Adventure Sworn received an order.

Outside of Adventure Sworn, Cody's primary passions are practicing bushcraft, exploring the wilderness, philosophy, photography, making videos, and writing.

Amber and Cody met in the second grade.  After dating for a while, they moved in together (while still in high school).  Amber made the first prototype sheaths for the early knives, and has been working side-by-side with Cody ever since.  In 2020 Amber began taking on some of the knife work as well.  Together they've grown Adventure Sworn into one of the most trusted custom bushcraft knife companies in the world, with over 10,000 knives shipped across the globe.

Outside of Adventure Sworn, Amber is an artist who paints, sculpts, sews, and who likes to craft any chance she gets.  Her main passion, however, is travel.  With Cody she converted a van into a camper and enjoys taking it across North America.

Ed is Cody's father, and it was in his woodshop that Cody made the first few hundred knives.  Being an expert woodworker for years, Ed is a luthier who specializes in making high-end electric guitars.  He makes Adventure Sworn's bucksaws and firesteels.

Outside of Adventure Sworn, Ed is a truck and car builder, an electrician, a lifelong guitarist, a maker of electrical guitars and other instruments, and a musician who produces his own music.

Cody: Knifemaker, Customer Support, Social Media
Amber: Leatherworker, Knifemaker, Shipping
Ed: Bucksaws, Firesteels

Amber and Cody on a trip in Vermont (Juliet enjoying a ride in the pack basket)