About Us

Adventure Sworn is a bushcraft gear company which began from a passion for quality outdoor equipment.

Our company started in 2009 when Cody was training to become a wilderness survival instructor.  When he decided that he needed a high quality bushcraft knife he decided to try to build his own, using tools from his father's basement workshop.  Amber eagerly wanted to help with the project and made the first sheath.

Before they finished their first knife & sheath they already received their first order.  The second knife they made was listed up for sale online and sold in less than 15 minutes.  Ever since, making and selling bushcraft knives & sheaths have been the only job Cody and Amber have had.

There was a period between 2014 and 2020 when Adventure Sworn hired multiple employees, but has since gone back to just Cody and Amber so that they can work from home and at their own pace.

Ed is Cody's father, and he makes the Adventure Sworn bucksaws and firesteels by hand in his workshop.  It was in his workshop that Adventure Sworn began over 13 years ago.

The company adopted the name Adventure Sworn because it was Cody's username on Bladeforums and BushcraftUSA where they sold many of their first knives.

Cody: Knifemaker
Amber: Leatherworker, Knifemaker
Ed: Bucksaws, Firesteels

Amber and Cody on a trip in the Vermont (Juliet enjoying a ride in the pack basket)