FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

Updated August 23, 2023

What is Adventure Sworn? 
Adventure Sworn is a company dedicated to crafting gear for use in the outdoors, specializing in custom bushcraft knives, sheaths, firesteels, and bucksaws.  

It was started in 2009 with Cody and Amber, who still run and operate the company today.  For a period we had multiple employees but have since dialed back to just Cody and Amber making all the knives and sheaths.  Ed, Cody's father, makes the bucksaws and matching firesteels.

Do you take custom orders for knives? 
I just began taking very small batches of custom orders (between 8 and 12 knives).  Unfortunately, the slots are usually claimed within a few hours and can be hard to get.  Semi-custom R-Series are almost always open.  Any custom knives which you can purchase are found at the Available Knives page.

Where do you ship your products? 
We ship virtually anywhere that shipping companies are willing to go.  For shipments in the United States we generally use USPS priority mail (2-3 day), which seems to be the best blend of speed, cost, and dependability.  For international orders, we generally ship standard USPS international, but may use UPS or FedEx depending on the country.