Unnamed Prototype: Aqua Box Elder Burl

In stock.  Please allow 2-6 business days before shipment (namely when sheaths are added to the order). Photos are of the exact knife you will receive.

This is a knife that I recently ground out freehand without a template, sort of just letting the design take me where it wanted to go.  I've always wanted to make a model which had a lot of belly curvature (like a Guide) but with a fine trailing-point tip for whittling and fine work.  The handle locks your hand in, somewhat similar to a Huntsman, but this one has pointed pommel quillons and a sharp pommel contour, somewhat similar to the Classic.  I put a 2/3 height convex grind on it, making it a good slicer yet keeping it robust for tougher chores.  Not so sure what to call this one yet...

Model: Unnamed Prototype
Cutting Edge Length: 5+ inches
Overall Length: 9-1/4 inches
Steel Type: O1
Steel Thickness:  1/8
Edge Grind: convex
Handle Material: aqua stabilized box elder burl
Handle Liners: thin black fiber
Hardware: stainless loveless bolts & tubing
Handle Thickness: 4/5