Tradesman, Sheath & Firesteel: 3V steel, burlap & canvas micarta bolster

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The Tradesman is a bushcraft knife inspired by the fur-trade knives brought to North America by early explorers.  This knife has a relatively thin and constantly upward-curving edge, making it an excellent slicer.  This is essentially a camp kitchen knife and bushcraft knife hybrid, excelling at preparing a stew or building a shelter.

Model: Tradesman
Cutting Edge Length: 5 inches (127mm)
Overall Length: 10 inches (254mm)
Steel Type: CPM 3V
Steel Thickness: 1/8 
Edge Grind: scandi
Handle Material: dark green burlap, natural brown canvas micarta bolster
Handle Liners: ivory paper
Hardware: brass loveless bolts & tubing
Handle Thickness: 4/5 (triple-swell contour)
Other: Includes matching firesteel and a loaded right-handed chestnut brown sheath.  Can be swapped for a lefty upon request.