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Adventure Sworn Bushcraft Co.

Tradesman: Ironwood Burl & Orange G10

Tradesman: Ironwood Burl & Orange G10

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The Tradesman is a bushcraft knife inspired by the fur-trade knives brought to North America by it's early explorers.  This knife has a relatively thin and constantly upward-curving edge, making it an excellent slicer.  The fine tip allows for intricate woodworking.  This is essentially a camp kitchen knife and bushcraft knife hybrid, excelling at the job whether you're making a bow-drill set, preparing a stew, processing firewood, butchering game, or building a shelter.

This particular build is based off of the Tradesman Joe Robinet has, including the triple-swell contour versus our usual coke-bottle shape.  Of course, there are variations in the figure of the wood.  Check out his video on bushcraft knife use featuring the Tradesman below:

*Note; this knife does not have a tapered tang.  With the most recent build, we skeletonized the tang a bit extra to reduce weight instead of tapering it.  The price has been lowered accordingly.

Model: Tradesman
Blade Length: 5 inches
Steel Type: CPM 154 stainless
Steel Thickness: 1/8 (no taper)
Edge Grind: scandi
Handle Material: arizona desert ironwood burl (allow variations of the figure in the wood; all ironwood used for this knife is high quality)
Handle Liners: 1/8 orange g10
Hardware: brass
Handle Thickness: 4/5

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