(Sold) TDK: 3" Classic, Ivory & Black G10

This is a Tyler Durivage handmade knife.  Tyler is Cody's brother and has previously worked for Adventure Sworn as the head of quality control, being involved in the creation of thousands of AS knives.  He now crafts his own knives within the Adventure Sworn workshop in upstate New York.

This is model is the 3" Classic.  Based off the Woodlore design, the 3" Classic has a shorter blade for more control in fine woodworking tasks.  The handle features the iconic coke-bottle contour.

Brand: TDK, Tyler Durivage Knives
Model: 3" Classic
Overall Length: 7-3/4" +/-
Cutting Edge Length: 3" +
Steel Type: O1 high carbon tool steel
Blade Thickness: 1/8"
Handle Material: Ivory g10
Liners: 1/8" black g10
Hardware: Brass loveless bolts & tubing