Custom Scout

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The Scout model is a collaboration between Joe Robinet and Adventure Sworn.  The Scout, named after Joe's trusty dog, is based on the idea of the one cutting tool you would choose if you could only choose one.

Whether you're carving tent stakes, building a shelter, processing firewood, quartering a moose, or slicing up vegetables for a stew, you'll be impressed at the sheer versatility of this model.  On lightweight expeditions it replaces the need for a knife, saw, axe combination.  It was also designed with every environment in mind; from the temperate forest to the desert; from the jungle to the tundra; from the boreal forest to the African savanna.

Note; the images shown are of prototypes.  The actual production model may appear slightly different and/or more refined.  The blade finish is still being decided on, it may be satin (as shown) or stonewashed.  This knife will come with a Joe Robinet Scout logo etched on to one side of the blade.

Measurements are in Inches
Overall Length: 13.5
Blade Length: 8
Blade Thickness: 5/32
Blade Steel: CPM 3V
Blade Edge Grind: saber convex