S-Custom Guide

Note: Semi-custom knives have less options than a full custom knife, and therefore less of a wait time.  But it is still built to your specs, so please allow 4-10 weeks +/- for the shipment of your knife.  We do not allow options outside of the option list below.

The Guide is a bushcraft knife inspired by Nessmuk's field knife.  It is characterized by a pronounced hump on the spine and substantial edge curvature.  The spine hump and and the edge's belly curve are useful in hunting, skinning and gutting chores, and the hump also adds momentum for light wrist-flick chopping and gives a good point-of-contact for batonning.

Model: Guide
Cutting Edge Length: 4-3/4 inches
Overall Length: 10 inches
Steel Thickness: 1/8
Edge Grind: saber convex