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Raffle: $1 Custom Classic Bushcraft Knife

Raffle: $1 Custom Classic Bushcraft Knife

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This is a ticket for a raffle for a custom bushcraft knife, specs and photos below.  Tickets are just $1. On February 22nd at 10:00 PM Eastern Time I'll draw the winner.  The $1 ticket includes shipping anywhere in the world (that USPS ships to).  Thanks!

Knife Information
This is a "seconds" custom Classic bushcraft knife, which has a cosmetic flaw between the liners (visible epoxy line, in photos).  The line is filled of course and will not affect the performance of the knife, but will not pass our normal quality standard.  The knife is marked with the "Adventure Sworn 2nd" logo.  Handmade leather sheath and a matching firesteel are included.

Normally this knife, with the sheath and firesteel, would run approximately $472;  I usually discount "seconds" knives with minor flaws at 15% off, which brings the knife value at about $400.

Model: Classic
Steel: 5/32" O1 high carbon tool steel
Edge: scandi grind
Handle Material: stabilized karelian birch
Liners: white / blue fiber
Hardware: brass loveless bolts & tubing
Sheath: chestnut brown, firesteel loop, dangler
Matching firesteel: 3/8 x 3" with matching material

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