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Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP

Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP

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Product Description

Obenauf’s is a natural, food-safe blend of beeswax and propolis.  It the sole product that we recommend for weatherproofing and restoring our gear.  It is ideal for it’s original intended use, protecting and resting leather.  It also prevents steel from rusting, and it protects wood and other natural materials.  It has many other uses for the outdoorsman; for an in-depth look, check out our journal entry on Obenauf’s.

  • Restores and protects leather
  • Restores and protects wood and other natural materials
  • Prevents steel from rusting and other metals from tarnishing
  • Resists mold and rot
  • Durable thick consistency
  • Food safe; no harmful silicones, petroleum, solvents, or paraffin
  • Has other utilitarian uses in bushcraft and backpacking
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