Mountaineer: Convex, White Linen & Moonglow

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The Mountaineer is one of our versatile general-use bushcraft knives.  The blade is long enough for batonning through wood logs and slicing meat/food, but is also short enough for controlled woodworking.  The nearly spear-pointed blade paired with the ergonomic coke bottle contoured handle make this knife truly excellent for use in the wilderness.

Model: Mountaineer 
Steel Type: O1 high carbon
Cutting Edge Length: 4-3/8 inches (110mm)
Overall Length: 9-3/8 inches (238mm)

Steel Thickness: 1/8 inch
Edge Grind: convex
Handle Material: white linen micarta (due to its natural fibers, white linen may sometimes haves specks within the micarta)
Handle Liners: green moonglow
Hardware: stainless steel loveless bolts & tubing
Handle Thickness: 4/5