Mountaineer: Bog Oak, Yellow & Black Liners

In-Stock: If you order a sheath please allow a few days for completion.

The Mountaineer is one of our versatile general-use bushcraft knives.  The blade is long enough for batonning through wood logs and slicing meat/food, but is also short enough for controlled woodworking.  The nearly spear-pointed blade paired with the ergonomic coke bottle contoured handle make this knife excellent for use in the wilderness.

This specific knife: The blade is the thinner 3/32" steel, the thinner option, making it a great whittler and food slicer (yet still plenty strong enough for light batonning).  The handle is 5,460 year old bog oak, at about a 3.5 (out of 5) handle thickness, slightly slimmer than our usual 4.  Between the thin steel, the lightweight handle material and slimmer contour, this is a feather of a bushcraft knife, very light in the hand.  After making this I decided I'm going to make myself a Mountaineer with matching specifications.

Note: there are two of these available; one has the more typical black colored bog oak, and the other is the one photographed with lighter colored bog oak.  If you have a preference just note at checkout.  These were two matching orders for a customer, which I messed up by using brass instead of stainless hardware.

Model: Mountaineer 
Steel Type: O1 high carbon
Cutting Edge Length: 4-3/8 inches (110 mm)
Overall Length: 9-3/8 inches (238 mm)

Steel Thickness: 3/32" (2.38 mm)
Edge Grind: scandi
Handle Material: ancient bog oak
Handle Liners: black / yellow fiber
Hardware: brass loveless bolts & tubing
Handle Thickness: 3.5/5