2nd: Woodsman: Walnut & Green Canvas

** This knife has a discount due to a imperfection in the wooden handle which can be seen in the photos. This was from a naturally occuring void in the wood, and will not interfere with the function of the knife.

In Stock: This knife is available for immediate shipment. Please allow 5-8 business days before shipment if you add a custom sheath or firesteel to your order.

Note: The Woodsman model has been revised as of 3/13/2018

The Woodsman is a versatile general-use bushcraft knife, inspired by expert Mors Kochanski's recommendation for a knife.  The knife has a 4 inch blade with a scandi grind and continous curvature.  The blade is made of 1/8 inch thick steel, which performs well for finer tasks yet is also tough enough for very hard batonning.  The handle is oval shaped and fingerguard-free, comfortable in any grip for hours of use.

For more information as to the design and influence, please visit this blog post on the Woodsman model.

Model: Woodsman
Cutting Edge Length: 4 inches
Overall Length: 8-1/2 inches
Steel Type: O1 high carbon tool steel
Steel Thickness: 1/8
Edge Grind: scandi
Handle Material: stabilized walnut
Handle Liners: green canvas
Hardware: brass loveless bolts & tubing
Handle Thickness: 4/5

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