In Stock Guide: Hybridwood & Black Canvas Micarta

In Stock: This knife is available for immediate shipment. Please allow 3-5 business days before shipment if you add a custom sheath or firesteel to your order.

The Guide is a bushcraft knife inspired by Nessmuk's field knife.  It is characterized by a pronounced hump on the spine and substantial edge curvature.  The spine hump and and the edge's belly curve are useful in hunting skinning and gutting chores, they add momentum for light wrist-flick chopping, and increase toughness for tasks like batonning.

Model: Guide
Blade Length: 4-3/4 inches
Overall Length: 10 inches
Steel Type: O1 high carbon tool steel
Steel Thickness: 1/8
Edge Grind: scandi
Handle Material: hybridwood
Handle Liners: black canvas micarta
Hardware: brass and stainless loveless bolts & tubing
Handle Thickness: 5/5