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Gransfors Bruks Double-Bit Working Axe With Custom Sheaths

Gransfors Bruks Double-Bit Working Axe With Custom Sheaths

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This is the Gransfors Bruks Double-Bit Working Axe with the longer handle [35 inch].  These are rare and harder to find than the 29 inch handle "Throwing Axe" version.  Theoretically, if you wanted to convert this into a throwing axe, all you'd have to do is saw 6 inches off the handle.

Back in 2012 I made new leather axe masks for the blades, as the blades sheared right through the flimsy ones that came with it.  The axe is technically used as I took on maybe three trips, but I mostly wanted this axe as a collector's piece, as it is my favorite axe made by GB.  New, this axe (with the factory sheaths) sells for around $395.00, if you manage to find it in stock in the states.

I've polished the edge to make it even sharper than it came.  The bit profile is thin and aggressive, and it does a great job slicing through limbs and felling trees.  Great vertical grain.  Maker is UN.

Handle Length: 35 inches
Blade Length: 6 inches
Head Weight: 3 pounds +/-

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