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Adventure Sworn Bushcraft Co.

Explorer: 7/64 CPM 3V, Ironwood

Explorer: 7/64 CPM 3V, Ironwood

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The Explorer is one of our versatile general-use bushcraft knives.  The blade is long enough for batonning through wood logs and slicing meat/food, but is also short enough for controlled woodworking.  The rugged drop-point blade paired with the ergonomic coke bottle contoured handle make this knife truly excellent for use in the wilderness.

Somehow during the crafting of this knife it took a slight distal taper where the blade gets thinner towards the tip of the knife.  We would have thinned the rest to match, but some people have asked for distals, so we left it on this one.

Model: Explorer
Blade Length: 4-1/4 inches
Steel Type: CPM 3V
Steel Thickness: 7/64, distal taper
Edge Grind: Scandi
Handle Material: Arizona Desert Ironwood
Handle Liners: Black 
Hardware: Brass
Handle Thickness: 5/5

If a sheath or firesteel is purchased, please allow 3-5 business days for the completion and shipment of your order.

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