Custom Leather Sheaths

Jan 12, 2019: Leather sheath orders are currently open for a limited time.

This simple style "deep-pouch sheath" is popular for outdoor bushcraft knives, as it holds your knife securely without having to worry about any snaps or straps failing or getting in your way.  The belt loop accepts belts up to 2 inches wide.  The edges come rounded and burnished, and the sheath interior (blade half) is plasticized with CA glue for puncture resistance.  All sheaths come double-stitched, and hit with a few coats of Obenauf's Heavy Duty LP.  For info on our sheath warranty, visit this link.

-- Sizing.  To determine which sheath is best for you, our general recommendation is that you choose the sheath which equals the overall length of your knife.  For example, if the knife is roughly 9 inches in length, you would choose the 9.  A larger sheath will make the knife sit deeper, and with a smaller sheath more of the handle will be exposed. Be sure to check the sizing guide for our models which can be seen in the image gallery on this page.
-- Availability.  Please expect 5-7 business days for the crafting of your sheath.
-- Additions.  Our firesteel loops fit a 3/8 diameter firesteel or ceramic sharpening rod snug.  Our removable danglers can be removed with a screw pin and fit up to a 2" wide belt (or larger if requested).

If you need help choosing the proper size sheath, feel free to contact us.

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