X2 - Custom Bucksaw 5

Available is a handmade custom bucksaw.  The saw pictured is the one you will receive.  This is the natural color of this wood.  Side lashing laces are not photographed but are included.  This bucksaw's crossbar can only fit the handles one way (you can't swap it horizontally), slightly discounted due to this small issue.

Bucksaw Specifications
  • Bucksaw material: purpleheart
  • Treated with boiled linseed oil
  • Blade: 24" Bahco peg tooth
  • Cutting clearance: 6.5" (edge to center brace)
  • Tension System: mil-spec parachute cord with a walnut toggle
  • Closure System: the blade folds into slits cut into the handles, and is kept closed by lashing the crossbar and handles together with the included side laces.  Makes for an easy, no-tools-required assembly in the woods.
  • No carrying case is necessary or currently included.  Snugly fits in the 25" Frost River saw bag.