Classic 2nds: Karelian Birch, Double Liners, Matching Firesteel & Sheath

In-stock "seconds" knife for sale.  Includes matching firesteel and sheath (righty, chestnut brown, firesteel loop & dangler).  The liners have a visible flaw between them, so the knife is being discounted $80.  Flaw is shown in one picture; it does not affect performance, and the gaps are filled with glue and will not get worse.

The Classic is based off of the Woodlore style of bushcraft knife.  This is a revolutionary and time tested design for a general-use bushcraft knife, hence its name.  The blade's near spear-point shape allows for very intricate woodworking, while still being tough enough for hard tasks such as batonning.  The handle has a very ergonomic coke-bottle contour, allowing for comfort during long carving sessions.

Model: Classic
Cutting Edge Length: 4 inches
Overall Length: 9 inches
Steel Type: O1 tool steel
Steel Thickness: 5/32
Edge Grind: scandi
Handle Material: stabilized karelian birch
Handle Liners: blue fiber, white fiber
Hardware: brass loveless bolts & tubing
Handle Thickness: 5/5