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Bucksaw: Walnut or Red Oak

Bucksaw: Walnut or Red Oak

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For those who practice bushcraft, cutting tools are essential.  The saw is loved by woodsmen for its efficiency, ease of use, and safety.  Whether you're canoeing, camping, clearing a trail or bucking up logs for the cabin woodstove, our handmade folding bucksaw is truly dependable.

Our standard saw options are Black Walnut and Northern Red Oak, which provide a great strength-weight ratio.  We do offer a custom option, so contact us if you're interested in exotic wood choices such as zebrawood, purpleheart, veneered saws, etc.

Version 2 Notes: Released 1/6/2024
Visit this blog post for the V2 Design Deep Dive

  • Velcro lashing system to keep the saw closed
  • Permanent / fixed paracord turnbuckle
  • Blade folds into the handles spine-first
  • Slightly wider handles
  • V1 is still available upon request
 Bucksaw Specifications
  • Blade: Bahco peg tooth
  • Tension System: turnbuckle; mil-spec parachute cord with a wooden toggle
  • Closure System: the blade folds into slits cut into the handles, and is kept closed by lashing the crossbar and handles together with velcro lashing.  No tools required for assembly in the woods.
  • No carrying case necessary, though it fits in many old tent-pole bags or a dedicated canvas bucksaw bag.
  • Our bucksaws are treated with boiled linseed oil, which is also our recommendation for maintenance.
  • Weight: 1 pound for the 21". 1 pound 5 oz for the 24"
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