Choosing A Custom Knife Model

The first step to purchasing a knife is choosing which knife model / profile you think would best suit you.  The blade length is referring to the length of the cutting edge.

Once you have decided on a model that suits you best. Click here to see our Available Knives. There you can see all the knives that are currently available for purchase. Keep in mind these knives change every week, so if you don't see the knife model you are looking for, be sure to check back or subscribe to our newsletter to be notified when new knives are listed.

Versatile Bushcraft Knives
classic bushcraft knife

explorer bushcraft knife

mountaineer bushcraft knife

woodsman bushcraft knife

woodcrafter bushcraft knife

Hunting Bushcraft Knives
guide bushcraft knife

huntsman hunting bushcraft knife

Bird & Trout and Camp Kitchen Bushcraft Knives

Lightweight and Compact Bushcraft Knives
walker bushcraft knife

wayfarer bushcraft knife


Need more information about our knives?  Check out our options guide here.