Leather Sheaths

Custom Leather Sheaths

Stock: Due to high demand, we are currently only taking orders for sheaths when purchased with a knife.

Our sheaths are handmade in the USA (in-house) from 8-10 ounce Wickett & Craig leather.  This simple style "deep-pouch sheath" is popular for outdoor bushcraft knives, as it holds your knife securely without having to worry about any snaps or straps failing or getting in your way.  The belt loop accepts belts up to 2 inches wide.

Sizing.  Choose the sheath which equals the overall length of your knife in inches.  For example, if your knife is 9 inches in length, you would choose a size 9 sheath.  A larger sheath will make the knife sit deeper, and with a smaller sheath more of the handle will be exposed.  If your knife is between, we generally recommend going down a size (size 9 for a 9.25 overall length knife). 

Additions.  Our firesteel loops fit a 3/8 diameter firesteel or ceramic sharpening rod.  Removable danglers can be removed with a screw pin and fit up to a 2" wide belt.