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Adventure Sworn Bushcraft Co.

Custom Leather Sheaths

Custom Leather Sheaths

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Stock: Our leather sheaths are handmade one at a time, so please allow 3 to 5 +/- business days before shipment.

These are crafted in our upstate New York shop.  We use 8-10 ounce Wickett & Craig English bridle leather.  This simple deep-pouch style sheath is the most common choice for outdoor bushcraft knives, as it holds the knife securely without having to worry about snaps or straps failing or getting in the way.  The belt loop accepts belts up to 2 inches wide.

Sizing.  Choose the sheath which equals the overall length of your knife in inches.  For example, if your knife is 9 inches in length, you would choose a size 9 sheath.  If your knife is between, we generally recommend sizing down (if your knife is 9.25 inches in overall length, buy a size 9 sheath). 

Finish.  The difference between a Premium finish and a Rugged finish is that the rugged has the raw leather edges, where as the Premium's edges have been rounded off and coated with black edge coat.  Contrary to the old photos, both premium and rugged sheaths come with double-stitching.

.  Our firesteel loops fit a 3/8 diameter firesteel.  Removable danglers can be removed with a screw pin, and they fit up to a 2" wide belt.

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