The Gold Seal Knife Giveaway

As many of you know, we have always sent out a red wax sealed envelope including information on our warranty and maintenance.  We have recently decided to occasionally mix in a gold sealed envelope.  If you receive an envelope with a gold seal, then you have won a free knife.

The envelope will include a voucher for the knife with information on how to proceed.  This knife will be entirely free, including shipping to you.  We are sending the voucher instead of the knife itself because the winner will have some options to choose from.

Entry.  The only way to win a gold seal is by purchasing any knife in our store.  The majority of knives are shipped with our standard red wax seal.  But both custom order knives and available knives have a chance of receiving a gold seal.  The winning customers will be selected at random.

If you win a gold seal, please follow the instructions inside and contact us for further instructions.

We hope you enjoy the idea of this giveaway, it is just a way for us to say thanks to all of our loyal Adventure Sworn customers!
Thank you.