Production Status

Production Status Last Updated: May 15, 2022



Knife Orders


We recently brought back custom matching firesteels and are ironing out some production kinks.  If purchased with a knife, the knife may be shipped before the firesteel (no additional shipping fees charged).  I'd recommend patience if you're going to place a custom firesteel order, as the wait may be only 1 week but it may exceed 4 weeks.  We're happy with the quality of the new firesteels, but are dialing in the process.  Currently they take quite long to make (especially giving Ed is making them all threaded with replaceable firesteels, threading the firesteel rods himself).  As expected, the wait time will reduce as we get the hang of it.

Bucksaws have been bumped to a 2 to 4 week wait, as Ed's focus now split between bucksaws and firesteels.


We are currently only selling sheaths when purchased with a knife.  We took separate custom sheaths off the site, as they were becoming a bit of a bottleneck.  We may begin taking orders for sheaths again down the road, but no plans are set.


Available Knives
We're currently offering semi-customizable knives which generally run approximately a 4 week wait (you can choose your liners with many R-series options).  E-series (epoxy & loveless bolts) rarely have options, and are generally sold on a first-come-first-serve basis in small batches.

Any available knives can be viewed here: