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American Dayton "Boy's Axe": Rehandled, Regound, Custom Sheath

American Dayton "Boy's Axe": Rehandled, Regound, Custom Sheath

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This is an axe head that I cleaned up, reground, and re-hafted.   Dayton pattern axe is in the "boys axe" size, a head weight of approximately 2 pounds with a 24.5 inch long handle.  The handle is red oak with an octagonal contour.

I re-contoured the handle a little to add more of a flare at the scroll knob.  I reground the cheeks towards the edge to make it more of a general-use forest axe.  I ground the poll bright to match the edge, a nice contrast to the weathered patina sides.  Amber made a custom leather mask for it.

I am not sure as to who the manufacturer of the axe head is, the logo has worn off unfortunately.  A keener eye may be able to identify it.  The heat-treat is good, the profile is good and it is very symmetrical, so whoever made it knew their work.

- Axe head weight: 2 pounds +/-
- Overall weight: 3 pounds +/-
- Axe handle: octagonal red oak
- Axe handle length: 24.5 inches from base of axe to pommel (27.5 inches overall)

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