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Adventure Sworn Bushcraft Co.

Custom Threaded Firesteels

Custom Threaded Firesteels

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Stock: These firesteels are made to order and have a wait time.  Generally the wait is approximately 10 business days, but it may be longer.  Feel free to send an email to get a more accurate estimation.

Firesteels, also known as ferrocerium rods or ferro rods, are a critical tool in the bushcrafter's arsenal.  The most dependable and long-lasting means of creating a fire, the firesteel can be scraped with the spine of a knife or a dedicated striker, creating a shower of sparks to ignite tinder.  They are sized for a good fit in our sheaths' firesteel loops.

We thread our rods by hand so that they can be replaceable.  Two or three rods should last most avid bushcrafters a lifetime.  For a bushcraft or survival instructor, a few more than that may be recommended.

These are handmade by Cody's father, Ed, who also makes the Adventure Sworn bucksaws.

Firesteel Head Length: 1.5 to 1.7 inches
Tube: .250 inch aluminum (fits paracord)
Ferrocerium Rod Diameter: 10 mm (3/8+ inches)
Ferrocerium Rod Length: 100 mm (4 - inches)

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