Firesteels: Custom Ferrocerium Rods

Custom Threaded Firesteels

Stock: These are made per order.  Wait time is currently approximately 4 weeks +/-

A firesteel is a waterproof, long-lasting and incredibly dependable way to start a fire.  You strike the steel with the spine of your knife or with a dedicated striker, creating a shower of sparks which ignite tinder.

These are handmade by Cody's father Ed who also makes the bucksaws.

The diameter of the rods are 3/8+ and 3" long overall.  The rounded trapezoid shape head is sized to ride in our knife sheath firesteel loops.

The threads are a finer 3/8-24 which helps ensure a snug fit and eliminates wiggle.  We coat the threads with a blue silicone Loctite to prevent the rod from vibrating out.  We used to charge $50 for matching firesteels with simple glued-in rods.  These new ones feature a double-threaded steel insert nut which is installed into the bottom of the firesteel head with epoxy.  Then each ferro rod is threaded by hand in shop.  For this function, these new firesteels are $15 more on average.  We believe the added work and cost is worth it to have a "forever" firesteel.

We do not have every knife handle materials as an option yet; certain materials are difficult to acquire or are not suitable to work in Ed's shop.  Feel free to email us with feedback.

Firesteel Head Length: 1.5 to 1.7 inches
Tube: .250 inch aluminum (fits paracord)
Ferrocerium Rod Diameter: 10 mm (3/8 inches)
Ferrocerium Rod Length: 100 mm (4 inches)

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