The Scout: A Joe Robinet Collaboration

The Scout model is a collaboration knife between Adventure Sworn and Joe Robinet The order books for this knife are now CLOSED; we are in the process of fulfilling the Scout order which we received.

The Scout is based off of the concept of the one knife that you would choose if you could only choose one knife, regardless of environment.  It essentially a light chopper designed for ultimate versatility, capable of any task you would throw at it anywhere in the world.  The model is named after Joe's dog, Scout, who has been with him on many of his outdoor trips.

Specs of Knife in Current Prototype Stage
Overall Length: 13-1/2"
Cutting Edge Length: 7-1/2"
Blade Thickness: 5/32"
Blade Edge Grind: Saber convex
Blade Steel: CPM 3V
Base Price (not including sheath or handle material cost): $345 and up

We will provide a much more detailed write-up as to the knife's specifications and design details soon.

The Scout next to the Classic.  The Scout is quite a bit larger, allowing it to be more useful in wood processing chores.

More info to come soon.

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Love it! Will want to order one when available!

Gene Kruger

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