New Bucksaw Design: V2 Deep Dive

10 Years!
We launched our Adventure Sworn bucksaws in early 2014, and it is now 2024. In the past ten years we've shipped thousands of handmade bucksaws to bushcrafters all over the world.  In celebration of this, we've decided to implement some ideas we've had.

Over the years we've noted a few potential changes to improve the efficiency of the saw, namely how it is assembled and broken down. On Christmas, Cody and Ed sat down and went over the potential changes, creating the Version 2 [V2] prototype.

V2 is the new standard. V1 is still available upon request.

1. Velcro Lashing
The V1 used paracord for its closure lashings; this works, but tying a knot while holding all the pieces together can be tedious, especially in freezing temperatures.  As well, the paracord tends to loosen up.  The V2 uses one-wrap mil-spec Velcro instead. The Velcro slides through a milled slit in the handle, keeping the saw closed and holding everything together. This closure system is especially useful for the weight conscious who don't use a bucksaw bag (like me), as it keeps the crossbar, toggle, and handles as one unit.

While the saw is assembled, the V2's Velcro wraps around itself to stay out of the way, a bit less annoying than the V1's dangling paracord. The Velcro could last as long as the entire saw, but if it ever does wear out you can purchase replacement straps online or at even at your local hardware store or supermarket. The velcro & paracord are available in either black or coyote brown. If you don't prefer Velcro you can always remove it and use paracord or leather, though I'd recommend giving it a go.

2. Fixed Paracord
For assembly, the V1's paracord & toggle are free and must be carefully set into grooves in the handles while tensioning the cord. This can be a bit tricky, namely while standing in wet or cold weather where you'd prefer not to kneel (or set the saw pieces on the ground). To make things a little more hassle-free, the V2's paracord and toggle are now permanently fixed through holes. All you need to do is fix the crossbar and spin the toggle.


3. Sawblade Closes Spine-First
On the V1 the sawblade folded teeth first, and sometimes the teeth catch on the wood, slowing down the closure. With the V2, the sawblade now folds into the handles spine-first, smooth and easy.

4. Slightly Wider Handles
The handles are widened about 1/4 inch on the V2. This isn't really an improvement, rather just a change we made to accommodate the new slit location. Both handle widths are quite comfortable for hours of sawing. The crossbar and toggle size are the same size as the V1.

Thank you for checking out the post on the changes!  Visit this page to see our bucksaw options.

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