Stillwater Woods

A couple months ago we moved, and I haven't had a descent opportunity to check out the woods in our back yard (6 acres are ours, but the woods are much bigger than that).  Yesterday morning I went on a scout to find good locations for a bushcraft camp.

Shaggiest hickory I've seen

There are a number useful plants in these woods

Gave the new Lee Reeves double-bit Nessmuk Hatchet a go.  Works excellent

This looks like a candidate for a bushcraft camp

Next time I head into these woods will be in a video, I'm looking forward to it.

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Hi Cody I’m back ! Wish you all the best…what can I say, the woids the knives the axe, Outstanding all of it..God Bless my friend…Paulie..
P.S let’s visit soon !

Paul. c.Pepicelli

Cody, all the best in your endeavor! A man becomes what he dreams!! Cheers, Richard

Richard Luppi

If your Stillwater NY, then welcome neighbor! Eagle bay / Big moose. Nice pics and looking forward to ordering a knife from you in the near future!

Joe Flatley

Looks excellent Cody! And that ax is fantastic.

Chad Von Lind

Nice property man! Actually,my favorite “town” name has always been “Stillwater”. (as a kid driving through Stillwater NJ to our favorite state park). Also,great work you guys do. I am a future customer for sure. Take care.


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