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Thank you for visiting the newly updated Adventure Sworn website.  We're happy to bring you new features, such as a blog and an add-to-cart checkout system, and simpler site navigation.

I hope you like the new site, so please feel free to register, subscribe to our newsletter, and check back frequently for interesting blog posts on news, bushcraft skills, and outdoor trip reports.

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I really enjoy the forum topic.Thanks Again. Keep writing. Neuweg


Site looks great! However, I didn’t notice an option for separate billing and shipping addresses during checkout. It’s very possible that I just missed it, but if you don’t have that option yet, adding it might help some people out! :)


Great web page just checking to see when my new wayfarer might arrive it’s like waiting on. Christmas morning.

Skip Mize

Re: white linen vs ivory paper micarta, trying to decide which to choose, can you advise as to pros and cons? I understand the issue on micro pores in paper, will the linen do the same? Which is “whiter”…not looking for yellowish tint as in “aged” ivory. I like the grain patterns in linen, but not sure if that will make it harder to keep clean, I usually just use dish detergent to wash my knives.
I appreciate any advice you can provide. Thanks very much, Robert


Love the new website look forward to watching it grow with your continued success. Keep busy enough to continue to enjoy what you do so well, but not enough to become weary. May you enjoy long success along with the great satisfaction of knowing you always do your best. Now so much for the buttering up i would love to see another Frontiersman just because you presented such an exquisite example before. Thanks Bill


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