Toaks Titanium Wood Burning Stove (Large)

A wood burning stove is a great choice if you want to combine the self-reliance of a campfire with the efficiency of a stove.  Woodgas stoves, such as this, differ from a traditional wood burning stove because they actually turn the wood into a gas flame, even eliminating smoke.  They take a bit of practice to master burning and stoking, but they are quite efficient once you get it down.

This is the larger of the two wood burning stoves.  This one nests inside the 1100ml pot.  For comparisons of other cookware, check out our journal entry on the subject.

Material: Titanium

Height (packed): 3/18” (80mm)

Diameter (packed): 3-¾” (95mm)

Diameter (assembled): 4-1/8" (105mm)

 Weight: 7.9oz (225g)