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Custom Mountaineer

Custom Mountaineer

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The order books are currently closed for this model.  See this page for any Available Knives

The Mountaineer is one of our versatile bushcraft knives.  It is tied with the Explorer as our best-selling model.  The blade is long enough for batonning through wood logs and slicing meat and food, but is also short enough for controlled woodworking.  The nearly spear-pointed blade is excellent for fine work, especially in whittling tasks.

The Mountaineer knife is virtually the same design as the Explorer, but the Explorer has a more traditional drop-point shaped blade.  They are both geared towards versatility, but we recommend the Mountaineer if you mostly do whittling with your knife, and the Explorer if you mostly do other things (hunting, food prep, light chopping, etc.).

Measurements are in inches
Overall Length: 9-3/8
Cutting Edge Length: 4-3/8
Edge Grind: Scandi

Matching Firesteel: Visit [this link to buy a matching firesteel]

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