Custom Order List Status

This page is for status for those who currently have a custom order placed, or who are interested in custom orders.

Updated: November 1st, 2021

Q: When will my knife order be shipped? (ETA, estimated time of arrival)
A: The last shipment of blades just came back from heat-treat on October 29th.  I was expecting them to arrive roughly October 1st, but our heat-treating company has been slammed (probably due to more people making knives at home since COVID).  

It is currently November 1st and we now have all of the blades and all of the handle material that we need to finish the custom order list.  We can reasonably expect to be done with the custom order list by the end of this month.  So long as we don't run into any major interruptions everyone can expect photos and a tracking number within the coming days and weeks.  For any exceptions, I'll reach out directly to that individual.

Q: I'm on the order list and want to change specs.
A: You can change your knife or sheath options all the way up until we make your knife.  So long as the options are something which we have available, this isn't a problem.  We will refund you the difference if the new options are cheaper, and will invoice if they are more expensive.

Q: How can I place a new custom order?  
A: The order books for custom knives are closed, and I don't have plans to open them back up in the near future.  If we do, I'll notify the newsletter.  The only available knives are non-customs which are occasionally listed for sale on the Available Knives page.