Custom Order List Status

This page is for status for those who currently have a custom order placed.

Updated: September 21, 2021

Q: How can I place a new custom order?  
A: The order books for custom knives are closed.  At the moment, I don't have any plans for opening them back up in the near future.  If we do, I'll notify the newsletter.  The only available knives are non-customs which are occasionally listed for sale on the Available Knives page.

Q: I'm on the order list and want to change specs.
A: You can change your knife or sheath options all the way up until we make your knife.  So long as the options are something which we have available, this isn't a problem.  We will refund you the difference if the new options are cheaper, and will invoice if they are more expensive.

Q: When will my knife order be shipped? (ETA, estimated time of arrival)
A: Due to various problems I've yet again fallen behind on my last ETA; having a hard time predicting accurate delivery times for customs is the primary reason I'm not taking fully custom orders again anytime soon.  It's a tricky business.

But, to shine some light on the number of orders we have, at our peak we had over 400 orders to make, now we have about 80.  This is as of Sept 21, 2021.  Production wise, we're shooting for approximately 20 custom orders per week.

For anyone who may still have custom knife on order, feel free to shoot me an email for a more accurate ETA.  We're coming close to being done with all of them, but I'm not going to set a blanket estimation.

A note about our Social Media: Sometimes I get emails from people asking if we're still alive - this is probably because of how quiet I've been on social media.  This has been intentional, because as soon as I start posting on social media I tend to get double or triple the amount of emails and interest.  This is great of course, but when I'm focused on older orders, I really want to keep the heat down to a minimum.  Given we're really close to being caught up, I'm going to begin posting regularly to Facebook & Instagram.  I'm sitting on photos of hundreds of really awesome customs that we've made over these past 18 months.  I'm also going to be asking customers for submitted photos to use on our pages, something which is always great to see.  :)