Outdoor Cookware

Toaks Titanium 1100ml Pot with Bail

The Toaks 1100ml pot with bail makes an excellent ultralight bushcraft pot.  This pot is almost an identical height and diameter, which means it is very versatile.  The lid on the 1100 is slightly in-set, allowing you to place coals on top and bake "dutch-oven" style a bit more easily.  The large wood burning stove can nest inside the 1100.

This size pot is large enough for two large dehydrated meals in one boil, or one meal and multiple cups of tea/coffee.  For comparisons of other cookware, check out our journal entry on the subject.

Material: Titanium

Capacity: 37.2 oz (1100ml)

Height: 4-3/8" (112mm)

Diameter: 4-1/2" (115mm)

Total Weight with Lid: 4.6 oz (129.8g)