Available Bushcraft Knives

Custom Guide

Stock & Wait Time: The order books for the custom Guide are open as of August 28th, 2022.  The wait is approximately 1 to 4 weeks.  As always, your patience is highly appreciated.
  • 10 +/- Guide order slots are available.  Options are listed below.
  • Matching firesteels might be shipped separately at a later date.
  • After purchasing the knife I'll contact you via email or text and confirm specifications.  You can make last-minute changes if needed.  Photos of videos will be take of each knife and shown on our Instagram & Facebook pages.

The Guide is inspired by Nessmuk's field knife.  It is characterized by a pronounced hump on the spine and substantial edge curvature.  The spine hump and and the edge's belly curve are useful in hunting skinning and gutting chores, they add momentum for light wrist-flick chopping and tough wilderness chores, and acts as a point of contact while batonning.  The Guide is one of our most popular models.

Measurements are in inches
Overall Length: 10
Cutting Edge Length: 4-3/4 to 5 inches
Blade Thickness: 1/8" (3 mm)