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Adventure Sworn is an American company dedicated to the crafting of knives and gear for use in bushcraft; camping, fishing, hunting, woodworking, and wilderness survival skills.  We are currently a small team craftsmen making products in our shop located in Halfmoon, New York.

Staff & Specialties
Cody: Knifemaker (co-founder, owner)
Amber: Leatherworker (co-founder, owner)
Leif: Knifemaker
Tyler: Knifemaker
Kyle: Leatherworker
Ed: Bucksaws
Sloan: Knifemaker

Our Mission
At heart, we love the outdoors.  We feel that it is our duty to somehow inspire others to explore the outdoors, or to appreciate and remember the wilderness.  The two ways we know how to do this is by documenting outdoor trips, and by creating gear.

It's a pretty powerful thing that something as simple as owning a canoe, a tent, or a knife, can inspire you to get outdoors and use it.  Perhaps the proudest accomplishment we have is knowing that people are inspired to take our products into the outdoors, creating experiences for themselves, and allowing our gear to do what it loves to do.

We are growing our company as large as we can so that we can eventually have the cash required to help the wilderness and the bushcraft community.  One idea, for example, is purchasing land and turning them into "bushcraft parks".  Other ideas include funding expeditions for certain individuals, and hosting outdoor education and training programs.

Bushcraft can be defined as the skills associated with using nature as a resource.  We feel that the more bushcraft you incorporate into your outings, the closer you're brought to nature and our origin.  Every time you employ a bushcraft skill, you remember it.  It sticks with you.  Bushcraft truly adds a level of fulfillment to your trips which you can't get any other way.

Bushcraft gear must be versatile and compliment skills which would be used in the wild.  We pride ourselves on our ability to design our gear perfectly for the task at hand, and our ability to know what makes a product truly adaptable.

Our History & Current Workshop
We originated around 2009 in a small basement workshop (roughly 200 square feet) in Saratoga Springs, New York.  Then it was just Cody making knives and Amber making sheaths, running the small company together.

Having a multi-year waiting list for custom knives was an issue that Cody and Amber were not satisfied with.  So in 2014 they decided that they would begin to expand their operations by pulling in Cody's friend and fellow craftsman Leif, and Cody's younger brother, Tyler.  Right around the same time Leif purchased property which had an old 25 x 25 (625 square feet) timberframe schoolhouse on the property, built in 1850.  Leif offered to let us use the old schoolhouse as a workshop, so we moved into it.  Soon after, Cody's cousin Kyle joined the team to assist Amber with leatherworking.

Having outgrown the schoolhouse, in December of 2015 the company moved into an industrial warehouse space, where we are currently located.  The new shop is climate controlled and has the utilities to support a full-on manufacturing operation (2,000+ square feet).  We have switched to the Toyota Production System for increasing our efficiency, and are slowly expanding our operation.  We are now using a blend of hand craftsmanship and precision engineering to create the ideal products at a reasonable pace.