Feel free to browse the selection of different knife models which we offer.  Each knife page below has details and options on the given model, as well as a small gallery.  Please allow the knife page to load the small gallery of images; it may load instant on some computers, and take a few seconds on others.  I've listed the base costs with each knife, which is the price of the knife excluding the costs of handle materials, sheath upgrades, and other customizations.  You may notice some models change over time due to fine tuning the design, but the general concept will remain the same.  For any questions, visit the FAQ page or the Knife Information page.

The custom order book is currently CLOSED as of May 1, 2012.  Available knives for immediate purchase will be posted in the Store section.  If you'd like to be made aware when the order books re-open, or when any knives are for immediate sale, please register to our store and subscribe to the newsletter.

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The Classic is our take on the popular Woodlore style bushcraft knife.  It is called the "Cl..
The Explorer is one of my takes on the ideal multi-use bushcraft knife.  This one of our mos..
The Mountaineer is my personal choice for a general bushcraft knife.  This model is my attem..
When I hear the word Woodsman, one man in particular stands out in my head.  The Canadian bu..
The Guide, or Nessmuk, is inspired by the popular design used by famous Adirondack woodsman Georg..
When I think of the Voyageur model, I think canoeing.  The Voyageur, named after the early e..
The Huntsman is a blend between a dedicated hunting knife and a bushcraft knife.  I like the..
The Wayfarer's intention is to be as light as possible while still excelling at all the bushcraft..
The Woodcrafter's inspiration comes from a passion for whittling & woodcarving in the outdoor..
The Tradesman is inspired by the early North American trade knives.  We went with the Voyage..
The Walker is the smallest model in our line-up, at just 6-1/2 inches in length.  It's profi..